June 9th, 2003

new year's eve

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When is a printer not a printer? When it's a dog! What th'...?? The first call I took today - "this printer's a real dog!"

"Well, " said I, "maybe you should consider using a different animal - perhaps one that's more adept at hanging on to those little crayons!"

Des and I went to see X2 last night... not bad! Mystique is so my fave... she's all 'neaky an' stuff! Plus, she's always nude! ...not that you can really tell, but I think that's part of her charm. Mmm... 'neaky nakedness!

This weekend was a fair bit o' fun - good BBQ, good friends, and good nights out - though I did get sprayed with water at Machine on Saturday... apparently the following should not be said to the bartender-who's-also-the-Friday-night-DJ: "Hey, did you hear that? Where the one song ended and the other one began? No? Hmm... neither did I! Hey, can you do that??" (genocidex, I still luv ya, despite the fact that you hosed me down... hahah! Yeah, yeah, I deserved it!)

Porn Star Quote of the Week
"I'm a big vodka girl and I get a little feisty and sassy when I'm on it. I woke up in my car parked in a street that I'd never seen before. It freaked me out because I didn't know where I was or how I'd even got there. So I gave up driving rather than give up drinking."
- Susan Ward, adult film star and frequent carpooler on her drink of choice.
Four more days... eeeeeee!!
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You are Peace
You are Peace.

You are at peace with your self and the world
around you. You have balance in your life and
exude tranquility from every pore of your body.
People are constantly asking you "what is
your secret?"

What Emotion Are You?
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"exude tranquility"?? Good thing I don't have the work-webcam up 'n' running yet! Some days, that certainly wouldn't count as tranquil in the least...
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new year's eve

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Hey, is there anyone local who'd like a couple of free tix to see Nazareth tomorrow eve? I was planning on going, but I've since found out that there's a $10 "service charge" after eight o'clock. Service fee? For what?? Letting me in the door a little later in the evening?! At any rate, that means that I won't be going, since I'm not off of work 'til 10.

Find out which Discworld guy you are.
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