June 10th, 2003


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Too funny... the problem with the printer from the other day that was "a dog" turned out to be user error. Go figure...

It would seem that some little birdie read my journal and found out that I didn't know what Discworld was. ...got out of my hot bubble bath to find a book and note on my desk. I'm almost halfway through it; I have to say, I quite like the humour!

Three more days... three more days... I suppose I should start getting ready this eve when I get home, otherwise it'll suddenly be Friday morning, and I'll have so much to do! Still tryin' to decide if the dirt (goatee) on my face should come off or not... thoughts?

What a beautiful eve... overcast with slight rain. If you hurry, you may even catch it on my webcam! ;) The excitement never ends here...
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