June 23rd, 2003

new year's eve

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I'm back in Calgary, and oh-so-happy to be working!! </sarcasm>

Toronto was great! I had tons o' fun! Many, many thanks to emu72 and tfx for picking me up at the airport, to panic_girl and len9 for giving me a place to stay (even though I wasn't around all that much...), and to intercitykitty for letting me crash over after late nights, taking time from work to hang out and show me around, and for driving me to the airport (though I think that was just to make sure that I actually did leave).

This would be a good time to welcome two new additions to my friends list: deth37 and dev_null. These poor individuals were inflicted with my drunken self, and yet still added me to their friends lists... colour me impressed! ;)

So many other people to mention and I met so many others who are either not on LJ, or who's usernames I don't know... so, before this begins to sound like the start of Romper Room, let me say this:

Thank you all for such a wonderful time! I may just be so inclined to go back in a few months. I do still have some vacation time that I haven't decided what to do with yet... :)

Good to see some things don't change:

C: "the computer, it... it was going into total despair!"
Me: "me too, my little monkey friend... with calls like this one coming in, me too."

As I stepped off of the plane this morning, someone behind me commented, "holy shit, it's cold! Where did we land - Siberia??" I chuckled quietly as I though to myself, "what - are ya from Toronto or somethin'? Oh yeah, you are from Toronto..." Note to anyone who may be considering coming here within the next couple of weeks: don't forget to bring a sweater, just in case... ;)

Gah - too many calls coming in. I'll write again later.
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Okay, so as far as work goes, this has to be one of the stupidest days... ever!

A good portion of the calls so far have been for things that we don't even know who supports it, and it's gotta be fixed "right now!" How am I supposed to get all my Livejournal updates done with all these interruptions?!

...then I went downstairs to let someone into the building... I was gone all of five minutes. When I got back to my desk, I had eleven messages waiting for me already!! Who knew all these people would wanna write e-mail when the server's been taken down?? I just know this is payback for having a week off...

I'm so tired... yes, I know it's my own damned fault...
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