August 12th, 2003

new year's eve

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Me: "If you don't get a message and it just goes back to the previous screen, then it worked."
C: "Mmmmmmm.... I'm not getting any message. What's it doing? It's not doing anything... I don't think it worked."
Me: *sigh*

Porn Star Quote of the Week:
"Apparently there is and I was not aware of it. Jessica Drake and I both have purple woobies [comfort blankets]. But she just informed me that hers is indeed softer than mine. That's okay. My boobs are bigger."
-- Wicked Pictures actress Stormy on whether or not porn star competitions exist

I'm currently eating jelly-candy "sunnyside-up" eggs, but they're really just making me think of small, white boobs with large, yellow nipples... eating 'em is starting to make me feel... dirty.

Today is the first in quite a while that I've been in a good mood! Oh sure, I can smile and pretend, and most days I'm simply feeling 'blah', but today is good. I did some thinking about the future, and some calculations and budgeting. I'd really like to be in a position to buy my own place in six months, and so have started plans to make it so. Here's hoping that my stocks go up a bit (not too much - don't want interest rates to rise too), and that the Canadian dollar drops against the American (my stocks are in USD). Also, this means a change in spending habits... I used to be so good! I could go out for the eve and spend less than $20 at the bar... not so good at that anymore, I'm afraid. Time to revisit old habits!

Hey, if anyone can think of some kind of decent "work at home" type job that would take an hour or two a day and be good for a couple/few months, lemme know... every li'l bit will help.
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Anyone interested in going hiking/camping? We'll be going down to Waterton; leaving on Saturday morning, and coming back on Sunday evening - short trip, I know, but still nice to get away. We currently have two spots in a car (as far as I know); any more than that, and we'd need more transportation...
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