September 13th, 2003


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...things have not been so good this week... I'm not even going to go into details about this evening.

Krista, I miss you. I wish you were here.

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A close member of my family has been displaced tonight... she is no longer here in my apartment. Due to her wandering, she has been contained in a location that is not her home. I came home after work to a sign posted by the elevator:
Has your cat gone walk-about?
multi-coloured cat found whining on the 5th floor. at a reasonable hour see me in xxx

oh... my... god... my heart dropped when I saw this sign. "This can't possibly be... no no......."

Pousse was no where to be found when I got home. Apparently, she was the "multi-coloured cat"... found "whining".

I feel like total shit. "whining"... no kidding! left out in the hallway; no food, no water, no litter, no familiarity... I feel like the worst owner ever... ever. (yeah, sometimes that emphasis isn't for the best.)

People were over earlier, and I can only imagine that that's how she got out. I still feel responsible.

EVER. "whining" oh my god, I feel sick

If my tears could stain this screen, they would.

I now have to wait to humbly pick my cat up.

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...I so want the estate from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels...

I think I was born to the wrong parents...

Now, for a bath, then...? Perhaps Enigma.
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