October 2nd, 2003

witch dancer?

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I suppose I should do some kind of update once in a while...

What's new, what's new? I'll be going to North Carolina at the beginning of November, so I'll be out of the Country for about a week and a half. Colin and I will be getting our training for the stunt show, and the business in general. We should also be able to participate somewhat in a jump that's going on down there. Hands-on training - what better way to learn?

I need a nap, but that's nothing new.

This weekend should be good - busy, but good! Machine on Friday night, my great aunt's birthday lunch on Saturday, Warehouse and Machine on Saturday night, meeting up with Colin on Sunday to go over details/questions for our upcoming training... somewhere in there, I'm sure we'll be stuffing a few games of Magic too. Anyone care to come by and try their hand? (labyrinthman, zastrazzi, ladykalendria, Goose (get an LJ, you!), anyone else....?) Should be on Sunday eve, if anyone's interested. Lemme know.
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new year's eve

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...oh yeah! I almost forgot... I picked up some Hallowe'en stuff today!!

2 bungee bats that make noise when ya whack their heads
4 spooky goblets
4 skull mugs
4 skull shooter 'glasses'
1 tombstone that lights up

Yay! Now I just need to pick up a few more things, and I'll start decorating my desk at work... spider web is so a necessity!!
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