November 21st, 2003


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After complaining about being on hold for "so long" (1:36 by the timer we've got on the system), buttmunch proceeds to ask question upon question, and takes up 13:34 of my time, causing some other poor sap to wait far longer than he did; the poor sap got tired of waiting approx. 15s before I could end the current call...

People are such funny little animals - complaining about things, and then immediately causing the very issues they were bitter about.

Reminds me all too much of the bar scene.

"People shouldn't judge me if they don't even know me... oh my god! Look at what she's wearing!!"

It never ceases to amuse me.
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new year's eve

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I would seem that everyone who's taken that survey likes the night, and the rain... what kind of people have I fallen in with?? ;)
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