December 30th, 2003

retarded bee

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...on my way to work today, I passed by a guy who had one of those familiar faces, though I knew I didn't know him. He looked to be in his mid-20's.

"Hey, boy," he said as he passed, in no mean or malicious way. "That's quite the haircut ya got there."

Boy, I thought? Boy?? Going by age, I'd say I have seniority here, son...
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Last ditch effort before ordering from eBay...

...anyone happen to have an older motherboard lying around that they don't need anymore?

Specifically, I'm looking for one that supports 1GHz (Celeron 900), 2x256M DIMMs, 4x AGP (no onboard video), and has at least one ISA slot.

I have found one on eBay, but I'd prefer to support local people, friends especially... :)
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