February 2nd, 2004


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I totally forgot that I have some training to do over this week... I'm now sitting in a meeting room, alone save for my laptop friend here.

.......and so it begins.

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retarded bee

Oops... fell on the 'DYE' key again!

It was a standard quick-pickup at Safeway. You know the routine - haul ass through there, only picking up a few predetermined items.

I was just making my way into the pet section with Krista a few steps behind me. On the way, I passed by a woman and her shopping cart; she seemed to be casually scoping out the Swiffer sweeper products. I had just started looking over the vast selection of cat litter when from behind me came:

"Jaime... die!"

I instantly thought to myself, "good lord, what have I done to deserve such horrible wrath in the cat food aisle??" I looked back towards Krista. The woman with the cart peered quizzically over, wondering what to make of what she just heard, her eyebrow raised.

A sudden realization washed over Krista's face... "Clothing dye! We need some clothing dye!"

With a sigh of relief, I smiled and went back to checking for cheap litter.

When all was said and done and we were most of the way home, I realized that we'd forgotten to pick one thing up on our trip.........
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Dear clients:

Why don't you all just go die die die!!

Your Computer Support Technician
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