March 2nd, 2004


Lack of content...

...brought to you by a lack of being content. Sort of.

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There have been a lot of good things happening lately, but the grim shadow of having to go in to work constantly takes the shine from it all. I can't wait to go on vacation and then parental leave. I really, really, really need a few months away from here. I really need a new position, truth be told. Blah, I've been saying that for months.

I just talked to my manager (yeah, he came in to work late for some reason...) and we'll be doing my review early next week. I think that it should go quite well, given the number of positive e-mail that has been sent in recently about my service. He did make mention about going over training, and where I'd want to go with my job. I wonder if he'd take it the right way if I said, "as long as it goes outta here, it's all good."

Ah well, enough of that.

Things with K have been really good. Though we both dislike our respective jobs, I think we've each done a really good job of not bringing that home with us. Well, aside from the headaches and sore feet... We went to the Glenbow Museum late last week (awake and out-n-about in the morning - what the hell??), and to the Home Show on Sunday; that show is terrible!! It makes me wanna spend money. Lots of money. As in - thousands of dollars. As in - I wanna buy a house so that I can do all that lovely stuff to it!! Curse you, home show! CURSE YOU!!

We also went out to see my mom on Saturday - was a nice drive, and good to get out of the city for a bit - even if it was only for a few hours - and it's always a pleasure to visit, since we don't talk all that often.

Sunday eve I was taken out by K's fam for b-day dinner. I had catfish! Figured I'd try something that I'd not had before, and it was either that or swordfish. After dinner, an ice cream cake was brought out with sparkler and song!

I don't feel like writing any more at the moment, so that's all you get for now.
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