March 12th, 2004


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Welcome goes out to czerka, recently mutually added to friend's lists... as I understand it, I will not have to put up with the suffer thru the following from your journal:

(1) Quizilla Test Results,
(2) My Current Mood,
(3) a bombardment of mindless rants
(4) or anything to do with Anime

Using that as a basis for what you can expect from here:
1. These slip in from time to time... or are the different if they're from Quiz Diva? ;)
2. I'm so happy you wrote that!! wait... that makes me feel sad! maaaah!! damned mood! It is just doom backwards, of course...
3. Certainly not a bombardment, so you should be alright...
4. Done and done! While I don't dislike anime, it's also not really anything I care to watch much of, let alone talk about in my journal.
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I have a calendar on my wall. It's there to quietly, yet very visibly, remind everyone (myself included) just how much time I have left until I go on leave. Some of you may have seen it, as I did post a pic of it previously. It is homemade. I made it myself. There is one day per standard 8.5x11 page. It does not include weekends. It contains 0% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. After today, I have 15 workdays until I'm outta here.

The picture does not do it full justice. There is a title above the main section: "March". The pages are aligned in five rows, with five pages in each row except for the last one; it only has three. On the next section of wall is another title: "April". This second section only has two days (pages) under it, so it doesn't really warrant being included in the picture; kinda detracts from it, actually.

So far (and some of this can be seen in the pic), I have marked off the days with:
  • a squiggle

  • a spiral

  • an X

  • a flower

  • a circle/squiggle/X (I didn't do this one, and the guilty party has yet to confess)

  • a house with blue grass

  • a burning match

  • a box of kleenex (I have a cold...)

  • a yellow smiley-face with a bleeding bullet hole in its forehead (...and I've got a headache)

  • I have yet to pick today's image
My co-worker came up to my desk, had a look at this day-tracking marvel, chuckled to himself, and then...

...asked me how long I have until I'm on leave.
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