March 18th, 2004


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hobblecock and I got pulled over by a cop today en route to the speedway. In fact, we were pulled over just as we were entering the speedway's property.

The offence?

"Just the way you went through the intersection back there caught my attention. You didn't do anything wrong... just caught my eye. We pull people over all the time just to check out their documentation."

Uh... what the fook? He took hobblecock's license and registration, checked things out in his SUV, brought it all back and said, "Okay, thanks for your help."

The intersection in question was a 4-way stop. We had come to a complete stop, waited for priority, then made a left-hand turn. No screeching, no speeding, no silliness. We had passed him after we made our turn, as he was waiting second in line at his own stop sign. What strange aspect of that completely normal activity would have caught his eye??

Yes, he was nice enough about it; no, it doesn't even come close to qualifying as harassment; yes, it still pisses the shit outta me that they can just stop people willy-nilly, with no reason except that you may have caught their eye.

On a funnier note, while going through downtown today, we saw a rather tipsy gentleman lose his pants while crossing the street in front of us... good thing he was wearing those boxers!
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