May 22nd, 2004

retarded bee

I didn't pee in the bath this time

I've noticed that some people, after a long while of not posting anything, suddenly return with all the right words; writing that makes you sit back and think, ponder and contemplate; a reflection of their recent past so well drawn that it takes no effort to imagine; sometimes even pure genius.

This will not be one of those entries.

Where has the time gone? Jebus, I have a total of 28 weeks away from work, and already I'm almost through - what - week 7? It's not like I just sit around in towel, fondling myself and catching up on LiveJournal entries... this is the first time since I've been on leave. I swear!

Your Magic Abilities by Stathgar
What is the magic word?
Telepathy: 18%
Premonition: 99%
Clairvoyance: 57%
ESP: 73%
Psychic Ability: 22%
Psychotic Ability: 70%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I knew that's what my results would be... I just knew it!!

Things have been pretty good over here, all things considered. Sabrina's growing so quickly; she's already outgrown two of her outfits, and her head now peeks out from the Snugli that used to hide her almost completely (all that showed before were two little legs). We just started using cloth diapers, but are having some problems getting the pins to go through them without the use of a hammer, a ball of string and some chewing gum. Spearmint. I think perhaps another flavour is in order.

It's funny how quickly The Bad disappears from my mind. I'm almost - almost - missing work. In hindsight, it certainly did provide for some entertainment, even if I was more concerned with plotting the (l)user's demise at the time.

Seriously tho, I've heard that peeing in the shower helps to prevent athlete's foot. I'm sure that's assuming that you don't just aim directly for the drain. I'm thinking of testing this out at the local Y. If all goes well, I will be starting up a business in my spare time. The worst part will be waiting for it to dry before being scraped up and packaged. How hard will it really be to convince people of the value of my anti-fungal bath crystals?

After Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote a second book. At least, that's what this book I'm currently reading claims - it's called Hitler's Second Book. A rather catchy title. This book has now been checked out from the library under my name for about two weeks. Maybe three. I'm currently on page....... uh... okay, I haven't gotten past the introduction yet. It's really good so far.

What are the laws regarding wandering around your apartment naked with some of the window blinds open? I was just tossing carrot slices at the cat when it dawned on me...

"Good Christ - the chinchilla is right in front of the window.... and he isn't wearing any clothes!!"

I'm not sure why this hadn't crossed my mind before. I only hope I'm not already under investigation. If anyone does approach me about it, I've decided to denounce them as voyeurs and peeping toms, then find out what time(s) they usually check my window. I'll give 'em a real show next time.

By a show of hands, who's ever had Chicken Noodle Chowder? I highly recommend it.
Start preparation of Lipton's chicken noodle soup, as indicated on the box.
Halfway through cooking time, add two or three hotdog weiners, sliced into thin pieces.
When the noodles are cooked to your liking, remove from heat and stir in a can of creamed corn.
Serve with a smile.
Somebody buy the Invader Zim DVDs for me. I'm cute, and I'll even let you watch them with me!
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I think someone broke into my apartment, trimmed the cat's toe hair, and then left quietly without taking anything else.

Damn, I liked playing with that.
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I can't believe what I'm listening to: Def Leppard - F-F-F-Foolin'

.............what the hell is wrong with me??

Went to Singapore Sam's for dinner this eve. Buffet.

I was rather concerned, because of the continued border closures, that they may not have received any Ginger cows in a while. What would be the point in going at all then?

Four plates later, my friends... two of 'em each had a healthy portion of the magic cow. Rumour has it that they were smuggled over the border via the Montana/Alberta wilderness trails in the Waterton National Park. Bless those trails.
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