November 25th, 2004


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Irritable today... starting to get sick. This should hit nicely in time for the weekend, if all goes according to Murphy's plan.

So, my passcard worked on the elevator, but getting into our secured area was a no-go... I hadn't done anything (that I knew of) that was worthy of termination, but I couldn't stop the little voice... was this a hint? Should I have my resume a little more up to date? No, my card had simply expired. The good part about this was that I was then legitimately 15 minutes late for work since I had to wait for someone to come downstairs and lay claim to me.

Currently reading a book called Are You Smarter Than You Think? One of my co-workers said he should read it when I'm done... I told him that I really didn't think he had to worry about it, but that I'd let him know when I was done with it. He smiled, said thanks with a nod, and wandered back to his desk.

Jesus, how do some of these people get their jobs?? This woman is in charge of updating a particular externally viewed website, as well as an internal FTP site. She has no details to configure her FTP or Dreamweaver, and can't properly describe to me what page she's supposedly been updating before today. I'd be surprised if her shoes are even tied.
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