January 19th, 2005


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There I was, standing in the shower, letting the hot water beat down on the back of my head and neck. I love that feeling; I’ll usually spend about half of the time I’m in the shower just standing there, thinking things over. During one such occasion recently, I was thinking about the possible outcome of a discussion-to-be, when I was suddenly hit with the feeling and images of having had that very discussion before. It would appear that I’d had a precognition of déjà vu… I say that cuz the déjà vu was not about being in the shower thinking about possible future events, but rather about the future event itself.

Have you had occurrances of déjà vu? How does it work for you? Is there any ‘history’ (dream, daydream, etc.that presented a scene or image) that floods your mind or is it just a feeling at the time? If it involved a dream or similar, do they tend to be recent or from a long time ago?

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Edit: talked with whom the déjà vu involved; turns out that it was accurate. Spooky.
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