February 25th, 2005


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Okay, I have to know...

Is it an easier life being totally oblivious to your surroundings?? I see these people, day in and day out, wandering the hallways at work, wandering the streets with no apparent destination in mind. And by "wandering the streets", I mean both walking and driving. It's an obstacle course at any food court. Chaos and mayhem ensue at any public gathering. I talk to a lot of these people over the phone.

I want to know if life is actually easier for these people; not seeing the little, constant, daily problems of everyday life; not realizing the issues, no matter how small, they've caused for others due to their ignorance.

Or are they constantly plagued by problems that seem to "come out of left field"? Is life always "throwing them a curve ball"? And what's up with all these "baseball references"??

Unfortunately, I think it's the former. I hate them for it.

...really disliking people-in-general today.
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