April 7th, 2005


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Here at work, we use "smartcards" (ID cards with a chip in it) to log in to the computers. If they put in their password incorrectly three times, it will 'block' their smartcard, much like locking an account. In order to reset the cards, the user is prompted with a question that they themselves have entered previously, and have to put in the answer that, again, they've set up previously.

In some refinery locations, groups will use a generic card. In this case, the q&a is usually set to be very easy, since it's uncertain as to who will have to reset the card if there's a problem.

This person had previously called, and had me reset their card so they could go through the process to get their card unblocked... apparently, things didn't go so well.

C: "I tried to reset the card, but maybe we didn't reset the right one."
Me: "What happened?"
C: "It asked me a question, and I tried to answer it three times, then it kicked me out."
Me: "What is the question it's asking?"
C: "'The answer to this question is frank55.' I'm not sure what to put here..."
Me: ".....did you try 'frank55'?"
C: "No, but I did try 'frank'. That didn't work. I don't know what I'm supposed to be putting in here."
Me: <sigh> "Try 'frank55'."
C: *tappity-tap-tap* "Hey, that worked!"
Me: "...........ugh." <thud>
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