May 10th, 2005


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Me: "Okay, your new password is capital b as in bravo, small c as in charlie, the number two - "
C: "Wait, wait... capital b... did you say e for charlie?"
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Seeing's how we've moved in to a house that came with a washer and dryer, we're looking to sell:

...this washer...


...this dryer...

Both are only a year old, and were used in an apartment. Comes with a stand for the dryer; the washer fits nicely underneath.

The washer is portable and comes with an adaptor hose to connect to your kitchen sink.

The dryer is 110v, and so works off of a standard electrical outlet.

For additional information, much is available via the linked pictures above.

Selling all as a unit - $800 firm. Our own means of transportation is extremely limited, so it would be best if whoever buys could move them.