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Diskrepansi's Journal

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
Why, oh why, does it feel like a Monday today?

Okay, serious-lay... I think anyone who is going to drink the coffee that's at the public area should be required to either
a) clean up after themselves; or
b) be shipped off to work at Tim Horton's for a few days - no, for as long as it takes - until they learn to clean up after themselves; or
c) be subject to a cattleprod enema at my every whim (note: this will not be done in the public area, as I have no desire to clean that up as well)

Reason #2 for needing a Nerf bat at work.

Coffee grinds and dried drips littered the counter this morning. Is it truly that difficult to get a small piece of paper towel and wipe this shit up?? Am I that spectacularly amazing that I can not only mop up any mess that I may have caused, but also that of all the slovenly buffoons who meander through, dribbling and drooling?

Gray and dismal; a light misty rain that gets caught on every little breeze, swirls around before kissing your cheek... what a perfect day. Absolutely perfect.

Oh, people, people!! Can you imagine: responsible for thousands of dollars worth of production; able to make tall decisions with a single frown; can't quite grasp the idea that the middle of the hallway isn't exactly the best place to hold a meeting. I wonder if being doused with scalding coffee would get the point across.

I'm so looking forward to going out this Saturday... been away the last couple of weekends, but it was all work. Not to say that it was unenjoyable, just rather physically demanding and lightly peppered with stress. Some of the results:


As we all know, certain foods have artificial flavours added to make them "mmm mmm good!" You'll see this all the time... "banana flavoured gum", or "strawberry flavoured drink", or even "coconut flavoured sex lube". This is a good indicator that there is no actual product of that nature to be found anywhere near the food/drink/stuff you're about to consume. Now, if the Edmonton event had been a food product, it would have been labelled as "fireball flavoured"... why's that? That's right - cuz there's no fuckin' fireballs! Grr... apparently didn't go off due to a "timing issue." Yeah, I guess - if "never" is a timing issue, I'd have to agree.

I suppose I should get back to pretending to work.

current mood: cranky

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Oh yeah! For those people living a bit south of the city here who have had major problems with all the flooding...

You live at a place called "High River"... what the hell were you thinking?? It's not just a name - it's a warning...

current mood: bitchy

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