August 17th, 2005


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Yesterday morning was rather grey and dismal, with a light mist floating in the air... best morning in a long time. I almost expected to see a lot more yellow and orange and red on the trees. Soon enough...

Today? Not as good. Still cloudy and overcast, but with a much heavier mist in the air. Some may even call it "rain"; apparently, the droplets are a dead giveaway.

Two nights ago: cutest thing evar... kidlet was starting to show signs of getting tired, so we suggested that it was bedtime. Off she went, down the hallway towards her room. K went with her to put her into her crib and tuck her in; I stayed seated at the kitchen table, finishing up what was left of dinner.

"Hey, where are you going," I hear, along with the plodding of little feet approaching. As soon as she could see me, kidlet started to wave goodnight. I waved back. She turned around and started off down the hallway again.

"Hey, no, this way... come this way," said K. The little feet were approaching again. This time, as soon as she was in sight of me, kidlet started making little kisses. I smiled and motioned for her; over she came for a kiss goodnight, then walked away down the hall again.

"Hey, wrong way, where are you going now," asked K. Again, the little one came around the corner and started making kissy noises. I gave her another kiss goodnight, and told her it was time for bed. Once again, down the hallway she went.

This time she made it all the way to her room; K lifted her into her crib, where she lay down and went to sleep without any fuss at all...

Why is the men's washroom floor always littered with paper towels and such? Are guys really that messy? Do they not realize what a garbage is for? Surely this doesn't happen in their own homes...?

Not wanting to believe that I am simply some kind of cleanliness-mutant of the species, I have a theory that explains the reason behind this problem.

We (should) all know that the guy's washroom has urinals in addition to regular toilets. When a guy makes use of one of these, the stream gets spread out over much of the back wall. Also, if you've ever paid attention to such things, you'll have noted that there is far less water at the bottom of one of those in comparison to a toilet, leading to far less dilution of the Great Yellow Pool. Both of these conditions allow for greater concentrations of testosterone to be released into the air.

Ordinarily, this will not cause a problem. However, it has been found that airborne testosterone is slightly lighter than air and will rise; in certain conditions - usually due to inadequate ventilation combined with a lack of flushing - the airborne levels of male hormone can reach a critical level; critical, that is, to the native paper towel population found in such an environment. These poor beasts unexpectedly find themselves in a state of increased aggitation and aggresiveness. With vigor previously unrecorded for a paper towel, they manage to twist and wrench themselves free of the container.

Having exerted much of their energy on such an activity, as well as finding themselves subject to far less hormone at the floor level, the towels become listless; in fact, there is no evidence to suggest that they will move again without assistance.

...assistance from me, it seems. Bastards.
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