August 18th, 2005

retarded bee

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Our coffee station on this floor - in fact, all the floors here - have a strict rule: clean up or else! Rumour has it that it has gone as far as people losing their jobs over failure to meet local cleanliness standards.

I was attempting to make a pot of coffee this morning, which means having to deal with one of those pre-measured pouches that don't have the convenience of a 'tear here' spot. I believe these things were designed by the same yahoo who came up with the perforated 'press here' flaps on Jell-o packages and Kraft Dinner boxes; your thumb is going to give in way before that perforated flap ever does.

So there I am, tugging and pulling and yanking and even trying to use my teeth, all in a vain attempt to eventually ingest some caffeine. Damn the fools for making their packaging like this! With fuuuuurious anger and amazing vigor, I ripped at this little bag; fearful for its... uh... life, the sealed end suddenly flew open, scattering bits of coffee in all directions.


After wiping away a couple of tears, I started cleaning up.

Given how strict the rules are, I tried very hard to not leave anything behind.

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