November 9th, 2005


(no subject)

So, the weekend was good, overall... went to the Warehouse - where else? This weekend was a bit different, however. This was the first time I'd "made use" of my relationship being open. Actually, K was the mastermind behind the arrangement. It was fun and something new is exciting, but the potential for issues or problems was admittedly a bit stressful. Everything seems to be all good, though, so that's a load off. I do hope that K is being honest about how she feels about this, mainly with herself, so that nothing latent emerges down the road.

Craving McDonald's fries. What the hell...??

Feeling tired
Feeling stressed
Feeling sore and achy
Feeling worn out
Feeling foggy
Feeling like my skin is just hanging from my bones

Feeling... old.