December 29th, 2005


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I think I forgot... umm... something.

My stay at this site has been extended for another month. If projects have been approved by then, I may be extended yet again...

Thank you to all who offered to forward my resume to the powers-that-be! Once again, however, I'm gonna suck it up and stick with this company... for now, at least. I've been with them for 7+ years now (OMGWTF?), and the little bit of extra job security that affords me has become more appealing since the introduction of both a child and a mortgage to my life.

That being said, I may take you up on your offers if I'm left in Limbo again come the end of January.

...or if I'm put into a role that, really, could be filled by chimpanzees if only they could read the checklist. My sanity, what remains, is at least marginally more important than the illusion of job security...

So, this guy walks into a bar: "Ow!"

Toooo much chocolate and coffee... starting to vibrate. Curse work for having free coffee, and The Bay for having Christmas crap on sale. But how could I turn down Old Fashioned Peppermint Bark at 50% off??
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