June 17th, 2006


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While painting the bathroom a while back, I was using the toilet seat as a Vertical Location Adjustment Device (VLAD) since, clearly, the toilet was in the way of using a standard VLAD, aka: the ladder. During this endeavour, it would appear that enough pressure was placed upon one of the hinges such that it kinda...... broke. This made any kind of toilet seat usage rather precarious.

A couple of weeks ago while we were wandering rather aimlessly through WalMart, my friend picked up a seat for me. I tried to explain that I hadn't replaced it yet since I wanted to get a whole new toilet, but he would have none of it; apparently he didn't believe that it was going to happen anytime soon.

He explained that he was always afraid of getting caught, tangled, pinched or some such thing (hurt in general) whenever he used my washroom. I held back on inquiring as to what exactly he does in there...

He said he was doing it on my behalf, but really, I think he was just doing it to save his own ass.

Been doing some tech work for a friend the last couple of days, fixing up his computer and installing new hardware, etc. While I'm sure the money I made from it could have gone to something more "worthwhile", I instead spent it on a new 19" LCD monitor... Ah well, it was unexpected extra money, so why not? It didn't affect my budget at all so... slowly, bit by bit, I shall have a decent computer once again.

I need a nap. Though now that it's finally quit raining, the yard is calling for my attention.
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