January 17th, 2007

Looking down

The Super Secret of Slim-Fast

I received, for free, a box of Slim-Fast Optima Plan whole grain blueberry muffin bars; says to use as a snack.

Well... I've determined why it's called "Slim-Fast". Cuz if this stuff's the only thing you can snack on, you ain't gonna be snackin' at all!

Jebus, they can make edible undies in a variety of flavours; why can't they make this stuff so it doesn't taste like cardboard and sawdust, slightly moistened with small bits of something kinda purple in colour (I'm guessing that's supposed to be the blueberries??)

Ooh, look - on the back of the box is some important information: "For more snacking tips visit www.slimfast.ca"

Let's just take a look, shall we? Ah, here's a helpful hint: How to make your own SlimFast bars out of recyclables and left over yard material.

Evidently, I was mistaken - that's not sawdust; it's dried leaves. Hard to tell once it's been through the blender.

Sadly, they don't mention where the flecks of colour would come from. Maybe it just grows there on its own after a week or two...
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