May 24th, 2007

Maul me

(no subject)'s almost noon, and my timesheet is empty; what the hell have I been doing all morning??

So, after only five li'l years, I have finally finished reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Did I mention that it took me five years? God, I hated that Tom Bombadil guy... the "Jar Jar Binks" of the books. SRSLY, he's the reason I put the book(s) down for about a year... just couldn't bring myself to start reading again for fear of his return.

Is it just me, or did much of The Return of the King read like parts of the bible? "And then they ascended the hill. And then they turned around. And while he contemplated his itch, Aragorn surveyed the land. And it was good. And then they ate his minstrel. And there was much rejoicing."

The best part about wandering around the +15 corridors is opening the doors...... with the power of my mind!! Sometimes, I'll make a little hand gesture, like a true Jedi, and open the doors that way. I get some funny looks sometimes, and I'm sorely tempted to use my abilities to wipe them clean off of the planet. And I remember that such use would be rather Sithy. And I smile. And while I contemplate my itch, I survey the hallway. And it is good. And then I eat my Cadbury Easter Cream Egg. And there is much rejoicing.

There are so many foods out there that are a colour other than brown. So... where does all the colour go?? Y'know, after you've eaten and then you're... done with it. Well, whatever Colour Law regulates this, beets and blue cotton candy vehemently defy it. That is some scary shit (pun intended) when you turn around and see that in there, isn't it??


Next time, I'm gonna have both beets and cotton candy. I'm expecting some results in the purple spectrum. Don't you worry - I'll keep you updated.
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