April 17th, 2008

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Dearest journal,

I have been woefully neglecting you. I make no apologies, however - I've been busy. SO VERY BUSY!!

Despite that, not a whole lot to say. Well......... lots to say, but so much not worth saying, or moreso - not worth the effort of typing it up in a coherent fashion.

Bah, forget coherence - let's just see what comes up over the next while. I have an evening at the computer, and no great hurry to click "Post entry" on this, so...

Funny how people come and go in one's life. No particular reason most of the time. I've often had in mind an analogy of people to gems; multifaceted, some with few but large facets, and others with lots of small ones. From time to time, these facets will match up with those of another. Sometimes, they don't match up anymore. Such is life, I suppose.

I was going to be a dad again. Mom was at eight months along. There was an accident. No more baby. This was a few weeks ago, and this is the first I've posted about it. I was quite upset, but no one I tried to talk to about it would just..... listen. The whole thing was an odd situation, so naturally they had an opinion to express. So... I didn't talk about it anymore. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I'm thinking of buying a vehicle this year. My first. An SUV, most likely. I like the looks of the RAV4's, but a couple of others have also been rather cute. Is that a good way to judge the worthiness of a vehicle?? Well, beyond that, the RAV4's seem to rate well in consumer reports. Any thoughts on this? Any automobile enthusiasts out there reading this drivel?

I bought new pots and pans. They're still in the box in the spare room. I also bought new dishes. They, too, are still in the box in the spare room.

I really wanted to clean off the deck and patio furniture this weekend. It would seem, however, that Mother Nature is going to thumb her nose at me. Negative temperatures and flurries does not make for good outdoor cleaning weather.

The spare room is well equipped should a no-heat-required dinner party break out in there, as long as everyone will eat with their fingers. I have not purchased new cutlery lately. Oh - I have no napkins in there either... this could get messy.

I need to start saving for another vacation. Somewhere warm. Or hot. But not too hot. With beaches and non-stop drinks. If I left for a couple of months, would anyone notice...? That would be an awesome break. Wanna come with me?

I like sneezing. Except when it's messy.

People at work notice my hanging bats more often now. For some reason, they could have been standing at my desk previously and not really notice them; but now... all they have to do is walk past the office and they notice them. Is there a tendency to pay more attention to the details within an office? Is that why managers seem to like offices - do they tend to be people who pay more attention to details? Certainly they seem to notice when someone of lower stature gets an office that's half a foot larger than their own...

Who's foot was it that measured exactly 12 inches? Someone should have cut off his toes; 10 inches would have made the whole system a lot easier.

The last couple of nights, I've actually gotten some decent sleep, filled with lots of dreams! I can't really remember much about them, and you're probably better off for it. I kept hitting 'snooze' and getting back into the dream. Wait - let me rephrase that: I kept getting up, walking across the room, hitting 'snooze', walking back across the room, flopping back onto the bed and getting back into the dream. I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a bane - it's nice to be able to do it, but there's definite "oversleeping" potential. Angelina was amazing.

Thank you very much, don't forget to tip your waitress!
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