May 26th, 2008


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<cough> Holy crap. When your whiteboard marker vapour is giving me a headache in the next room, there's something wrong. <gag>

Dear Mother Nature: Please stop crying; my rain barrels are now full. I would like to get some yardwork done this week without getting slowly soaked.

<cough> SWEET JEBUS!

Saw the new Indiana Jones movie last Thursday. It was definitely a movie. Mmmyep.

I made up a playlist of all the songs I have that I'd actually care to listen to during my daily train rides to and from work. out of 1800+ songs, this playlist is just around 90. I think this is an indication that I need to get m'self some more current music.

I purchased a low-flush toilet a year ago. I'm doing great things for the environment! I wonder how much water is used by companies on a daily basis... I think the toilets here use about 92.44L each flush. And they create some kind of swirling vortex that doesn't even get rid of everything once the torrent has subsided, leaving you with an important decision to make: do you reduce the municipal water levels by another inch by flushing again, or do you leave the debris and floaties there for the next person to practice their tasseography on?

Speaking of Uranus, I find it interesting that it has the mass of 14 Earths, and yet its equatorial surface gravity is only 8.69m/s2; that is, less than that of the Earth.

<gag> I have a cloth, and I'm almost tempted to pee on it.

Recent MSN conversation: "see dis squirrelz?? dey haffum nutz in deyz CHEEX!!" I have no excuse. There wasn't even alcohol involved.

Kidlet continues to be cute.

I've taken the carpet out of the living room, and sanded down the parts where the cats peed. Hardwood laminate will be put in, but I've decided to first add another half inch of subfloor to level the living room up with the adjoining areas. I'm not sure how I'm going to get 6 4'x8' sheets of plywood home, but it shall be done this week. It may involve rollerskates. I think it's silly how pleased I am to be getting a new impact driver for this project.

I am craving chocolate. And affections. Happily, the former is available at the convenience store downstairs for less than a couple bucks.

Anyone know how to reference an MSWord template/form from a VBScript? That is, not from VBA within the document itself...

I'm going to need new baseboards for the living room as well. The old ones also smell of cat pee. Perhaps something a little more fancy than the previous. How much time do you spend looking at baseboards? Do you suppose that, like people's shoes, they say something about you?

<cough> Sufferin' Christ on a stick!! <choke>

Imma go take a lunch-walk.
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