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Okay, what is it with people and their laundry? Does it have to sit there in the dryer for ages after it's done? I'm sure we've all got timers on our stoves and/or microwaves. They can be quite handy - learn how to use 'em, folks! I'm not saying it's necessary to be there right away (although, really, it's not that difficult...), but it's been over an hour now! Yes, yes... there are other washers and dryers in the building, but there's only one pair per floor; that means that I've gotta haul a heavy load of wet laundry from floor to floor just cuz someone else is a dumbass. Yeah, yeah - "suck it up"... I know...

Hula-hooping! You know you want to! For your convenience, I've stolen this from a friend who stole it from somewhere out there in NetLand:

Basic Hooping (Level I)
First, stand straight with your feet apart so that the outside of each foot is aligned with the outside of each shoulder. Slightly bend your knees.

With both hands, position the Hula Hoop so that it is around your waist and against your back before spinning.�

If you are a right-handed person, gently start twirling the hoop counterclockwise and move your body in a circular motion.

Ringer (Level I)
Bring the hoop up with both hands so that it is around your neck and against the back of your neck and gently start it spinning around your neck. Again move your upper body slowly in a circular motion, same as Basic Hooping.

Knee Knocker (Level I)
For this trick, start the hoop rotating around your knees. Open both arms wide to balance yourself. Try to maintain a consistent speed and move your knees slightly back and forth in a circular motion.

Flamingo (Level II)
Start with Basic & Knee Knocker, keep up the speed and try to stand on one leg. Concentrate to stay balanced.

Footsee (Level II)
Gently start spinning the hoop around one ankle and keep it spinning. Keep up the speed and try to hop in and out of the hoop as it rotates.

Hula Hop (Level II)
This is a continuation of Footsee. Start with Footsee, keep up the speed, and pop the hoop up to the knee position. Watch out for the timing when putting your other leg in.

Up Down (Level II)
Start with basic Hooping (around waist), then let the hoop go down to the knee position. Next, by using your thighs, try to bring it up again, always maintain a consistent speed, Repeat.

Uppsy Daisy (Level II)
Same as Up Down, start with Basic Hooping. Keep up the speed and spin the hoop as fast as you can. Using its circular motion, bring both of your arms down and bring the hoop up to your neck. Watch your timing and when you bring your arms up or down, be careful with your elbows.

Wrap The Mummy (Level III)
This trick is a combination of Ringer, Up Down, and Uppsy Daisy. Try to remember the techniques used in the previous tricks. Start with Basic Hooping, put both arms beside your body and stand straight, then let the hoop go down to the knee position.

Basic Hand (Level II)
Requires two hoops. Hold one hoop on each hand. Start spinning the hoops around your hands by gently rotating your arms. Keep your arms wide apart and horizontal. While hoops are spinning, try to maintain your arms in the same position at all times.

Basic Elbow (Level II)
Same as Basic Hand. This time, start spinning the hoops around your elbows. While the hoops are spinning, extend your arms out and back. Watch your timing.

Now, quickly - quickly! Run out and buy yourself a hula-hoop! WalMart is your friend... Satan loves you...

This weekend was quite busy! I really wanted to skip out from work for the rest of the week to make up for it, but I'm sure that would have been deemed "inappropriate," or some such silliness. The corporate masters have really messed up ethics, I've noticed.

Let's start off with Friday eve, shall we? I did, after all... well, actually, I started off way before then, but this will just have to do for now. I found out mid-week that it was both Amanda's and Derrick's birthdays on Friday, with Amanda's being held at The Warehouse. Now, granted, I do like going to The Warehouse, but every Friday is a rave night, all night. I lasted an hour and a half - until 10:00 - before I had to head over to Murph's Pub to catch up with Derrick and a few other friends. That lasted only a couple of hours before Derrick and I decided that we needed something a little more active. Back to The Warehouse we went! Why, oh why?? All the cuties were, of course, way too young, and it took less than an hour before I wanted to shove a pen into my ears so I couldn't hear the "music" anymore... back to Murph's! Hahah... we're such losers. By that time, anyone we'd known had already left. We stuck around anyway, had another drink and played pool until they kicked us out at closing time.

Blue Yonder's wedding occupied my Saturday. Married!! Does that mean that we're all....... growing up?? No! I refuse to accept that. Hahah... I shouldn't say that - I've seriously contemplated marriage myself once. The ceremony itself was pretty good - formal without being gaudy, and not too long. It was, for the most part, a fairly 'normal' wedding. There were, however, two significant exceptions.

The MC, one of the groomsmen, used to work for A-Channel here in town before moving to London to work for ABC News doing production. He had put together an "A&E Biography" of the bride and groom - absolutely fantastic! It was done as an exact match to the television show. The way it was presented made it sound like they both had been in a downward spiral, destined for burnout and despair...... until........ one fateful day....... they found each other! Aww, that's so sweet!

After the video presentation, the MC continued at the podium, only to be interrupted in short order by loud voices coming from one of the hallways - it sounded like some men were arguing amongst themselves. How rude! Didn't they know there was a wedding reception going on? A buzzing started throughout the room, as everyone had been wondering the same thing - who are these obnoxious men, and why are they now walking through the room? And why are they dressed like they just walked out of the 1920s?? The three men continued their conversation, apparently oblivious that there were even other people in the room! It was at this time that it came out that one of them had the same name as the groom, and was looking for his wedding! What are the odds?! The trio then continued their story, presenting a wondrous parody of the groom and two of the groomsmen. It turns out that these actors were hired by the groom's father... he had kept it a secret from all but his wife, and had let the MC know that "something" had been planned, but wouldn't give details. What an awesome show! So much thought and effort went into it, and it really paid off!

On the work-front, I'm back in IMAC for who-knows-how-long... until I'm called upon to fill in for someone else's vacation again, I would imagine. Ah well...

Assemblage23 will be in Edmonton on Oct 18! Yay! Now, I just need to find a way to get up there... not like it's immediate anyway.

Can you feel that breeze? The winds of change have begun to stir...

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