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Hey... where did this month come from?? Ah well, let's get it started off properly, albeit a bit late...

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

So, let's see... what's new, what's new...

Spent much of the day cleaning up - been busy enough lately that the housework (apartmentwork?) has been a little neglected; the obsessive/compulsive side was starting to get a little antsy! Dusted, vacuumed, did the dishes, washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, tidied up the bedroom, watered the plants, swept off the balcony, washed off the outside furniture, sorted through a bunch of junk papers... now, where did I put those nail clippers?

Did I mention last weekend yet? I don't think so... 'sides, even if I did, that's now in the Archives. Last weekend was Folkfest! This year, I was working dispatch; that is, I sat in a tent with a couple of other people, each with our assigned two channels to monitor. If needs be, we would then relay messages to people on the other channels. Sounds exciting, oui? I did get to wander the grounds tho, and take in some of the bands, and drool over the kettle popcorn! ...should have picked up a bag.

Work's been busy this last week, and will prob'ly continue to be so for this upcoming week as well. Our team lead is on vacation. Our admin. person is covering for someone else who's on vacation, and has had only a week's training (for a position that I previously held). This means that I'm covering for the team lead, filling in for our admin. person, and also helping the admin. person with her coverage when needed - she seems to be getting the hang of things fairly quickly tho, so I can't see that she'll need much assistance this week.

Less than three weeks left before I go on a much-needed vacation! This first trip will be to Victoria, Seattle for a day, and Vancouver. I can't wait! I still have to book my flight back, but the one I want is still available, and the price even dropped a bit. I should book that this week... other than that, I think most things are in order. Oh! Except I should get a hold of a couple of people in Seattle to see if they wanna meet up for coffee, or some kind of quick rendez-vous. I'm only going to be there for a day on this trip, so I guess we'll see. Too late for that at the moment - that'll be a job for tomorrow.

Lord of the Rings comes out tomorrow! Yay! I'm on the list! The list! They will phone me, and I will go get my copy, and I will smile, and I will go home, and I will be happy, and I will watch my copy with a big grin on my face, and all will be right with the world! You'll see!

I'm addicted to life, don'cha know?

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