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I leave today I leave today I leave today I leave today!!! Just in time - over the last couple of days, we've had the pleasure of some excitement in the downtown area... there was a major gas leak two days ago, and yesterday there was an underground explosion and electrical fire that left about a quarter of the downtown core without power. All this fun within a couple of blocks from work! Perhaps this is a vacation theme - I mean, look at what happened when I was in New York?! Look out, Victoria - here I come! hahah...

Still so many little things to do before I go, like... packing! It's not really that bad - I have all my things ready to go, I just need to stuff them into a suitcase or backpack... not sure which yet. Perhaps a bit of both.

I also still have a few little things around the apartment that I have to move into storage before I leave. I suppose I could leave that for my brother to do while I'm gone, but it is my stuff... and I have to have a quick walk-thru with the ResMgr this afternoon too. I'm not sure how "effective" that's gonna be, since my brother will be staying at my place while I'm gone; hopefully it will just be a formality.

Note to self: do not get a larger fish tank until living in a place with no plans to move for about ten years...

and I have a final fitting this afternoon for a long jacket I'm getting made for me! Yay! I've been trying to get this thing made for the last year or so. Worn with my boots, I think it'll look awesome! I hope I hope...

I suppose I should go and do some work, since I'll be leaving a bit early today...

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