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A phone just rang and snapped me into what I believe to be reality. Everything's a little hazy... Wasn't I just somewhere else?

I recall... wasn't I in bed? That was not my alarm clock. It sure looked like mine though! Same model and everything. But it was hers... and she had my clock! Dammit, why'd she set her clock to go off so early? I could have been sleeping if it wasn't for that incessant noise. At least I didn't have to get up yet. I pressed snooze... what did it matter? It wasn't my clock. It was hers... who was she? Her dark hair. I knew her... who was she? So familiar. There was that damned racket again! How did she switch our clocks? I could clearly envision her sleeping soundly, waiting for the noise beside her head to tell her it was time to get up. That's why she switched them! She wanted to sleep in, and my alarm was set later than hers! Hit snooze again. I'd be damned if I was getting up before I had to. What th'...! Had I missed the Button of Silence? Frustrated. That noise...

The ringing stopped before I could determine if it had been my phone or not. Another hard day at work...

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