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Why do I let this happen?

Last night was supposed to be something a little different; something I hadn't done in quite a while. I had forsaken any other invitations, and had asked a young woman over for the eve; plans included a movie, a couple of drinks, and some chit-chat - you know, actually getting to know her a bit... She seems quite nice, and I find her very attractive; what little I do know about her, I like.

Add to this a friend who'd asked if he could come over, intentions being to have a couple of his drinks before making his way to the bar. An innocent enough sounding plan, and the time overlap with the two shouldn't be that long; I agreed.

The two arrived; conversation was not picking up much at this point, so I suggested putting something on to watch. Perhaps I should have been more specific, as we ended up watching my friend play a video game... "What's the harm," I thought. "He'll be leaving soon enough for the bar anyway, so why not?" Besides, it seemed to be amusing for all at first.

To make a long story short, the young woman ended up leaving around 11 due to boredom - I certainly don't blame her in the least! I cannot read her nearly as well as most people I meet, but in this case the disappointment was shining through. My friend, on the other hand, never did get to the bar, and ended up taking a cab home at about 4am.

I know something should have been said, but I was hoping that my friend would pick up on subtleties (as well that I'd already told him earlier what the plans were) and be on his way of his own accord. Unfortunately, her patience ran out before his intuition kicked in.

Lesson learned, and learned hard. I feel terrible...

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