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I'm going to start writing these entries at work, I think. I seem to have a knack for thinking of decent things to write about on the way home, but forget about it by the time I actually arrive there... perhaps this will give me the chance to entertain you once in a while.

This radio station is killing me... we have the pleasure of listening to "The Breeze... 103.1" That fuckin' ditty is gonna be the death of me. We've changed the station on numerous occasions, but somehow the radio always finds its way back to this one. We do have someone away for the week - this will be the test as to whether the radio has a mind of its own or not... if it doesn't change back until Thursday, we'll know who the culprit is.

It would seem that something I've written in my journal has gotten one of my friends rather upset with me. My first thought, of course, was to censor what gets written here... Fortunately, reason kicked in, and I managed to talk myself out of not writing things simply because someone may not like what I have to say, friend or not. The initial problem stemmed from - what else - miscommunication. However, I have the feeling that this will cause a permanent change to our friendship. Friday is a standard night for a few of us to get together; my friend will not be attending this eve, despite telling a mutual friend that he was "not upset". I seem to be on a roll this week for pissing people off...

For the sake of clarity for anyone so concerned, I was not upset or disappointed with my friend insomuch as with myself for my lack of action.

I just joined up with the YMCA for a year... gotta work off the beer somehow! Now I just need to get some suitable clothing... I think I'll go shopping on the way home from work.

Christmas commercials have started again, of course... well, they started a while ago, but I was actually listening to some of them today. "And, please, don't give me something I have to try on..." How 'bout you don't get anything, period?! Are these people kinda forgetting something? Instead of celebrating some fresh-from-the-package seat covers and a shiny new coffee grinder, how about celebrating - oh, I don't know - Christ??

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