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9:02am... only one cup of coffee thus far. Already completed two new calls.

9:37am... second cup of coffee. Just read through some journal entries for people I haven't read up on in a few months... boredom is setting in already. I wish I worked evenings... I wish I had my laptop here with me. I could do some site updating while I'm waiting for calls to come in. It's not like I don't have things to update - I just don't really feel like it by the time I get home. I've had the pix from the Vic/Van/Seattle trip for a while now, as well as a few others. I got a couple of really good HeliBungee pix sent to me a little while ago! ...still waiting for the DVD to be completed - it's only been over a year now. Once I get that tho, I'm hoping to make up a short video clip of my jump to show off...

Even the people on the phones today aren't all that busy... Oh! I should be looking up a workout schedule, and perhaps some dietary info.� I wonder how much time I can pass doing that...

10:37am... two more calls dealt with - back to surfin' for a schedule.

11:02am... well, that's enough looking around for that stuff. How quickly one tires of looking at site after site, only to find that there is no actual information on most of them, and that they want money (of course) to provide such.

12:50pm... I suppose it is possible that the day could be going by more slowly, though I'm not sure how. I've already had lunch, and now have to wait for one of my appointments. Surfing is getting quite boring; perhaps I'll have a chuckle on HotOrNot for a while.

...well, that lasted all of about three minutes.

Baa baa, candy sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Someone brought in cotton candy today... I hate cotton candy cuz I love it so much! My teeth recoiled in horror as they saw the fluffy stuff coming at 'em... repeatedly. I'm now working on multiple cavities, to be sure. Y'know, all people concerned forgot to set up another appointment for me the last time I was at my dentist for a cleaning. The hygienist actually reminded me somewhat of one of my neighbors, not that my neighbor polishes my teeth with any regularity. I think moreso it was a personality/looks thing.

What a strange feeling... I could really go for a nap, but the sugar is kicking in. I seem to be getting hyperactively tired...

Oi... what time is it?

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