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Friday - here already! Actually, this week has gone by quite quickly. Work still rox my sox... in fact, Colin has noticed quite a change in me since I've taken this new role. It's definitely working better for my schedule, and I'm liking the variety in the workload; busy enough to not get bored, slow enough to allow me to - say - update my journal! ...amongst other things.

Welcome goes out to intercitykitty. I've been reading her journal off-and-on for a couple of years now, through emu72's and panic_girl's friends list. Highly entertaining, I tell ya! I finally took the initiative to add her to my own friends list, since I expect that I'll have much more time to be reading LJ now that I'm working evenings.

We've actually met, but I highly suspect that ICK wouldn't remember; it was only once, it was at the bar, and it was about a year and a half ago... right about the time the local authorities were having problems with stealthy ninjas making off with traffic pylons. To my understanding, these rogues have yet to be brought to justice... just a little something to bear in mind for anyone planning a visit to Toronto.

Speaking of such visits, I was thinkin' of making my way over there sometime this spring. As luck would have it, rivetgirl242 is headed there this spring too! We'll have to see what arrangements can be made... I would, of course, be leaving my pylons safely at home.

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