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What light through yonder window breaks...?

My manager just told me that she might send me to backfill at one of our clients' sites. It would be menial and repetitive work, but it would only be for a short time (a week or two), and at least be something different than sitting around, reading journals, filling in self-tests, rating pictures and searching for various other things to do. She continued by saying that it's not definite; she may need me to cover some of her duties while she goes on vacation, and is concerned about losing me for a while. Now, as nice as that is to hear, what loss, I wonder? I don't use a picture of me napping just cuz it's funny or cute...! Quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised that I haven't yet been jolted back into reality during one of my 'busy days', only to find a drool pool on the desk.

Crap... does that mean I'll have to wear a tie?! I don't think I even own one...

How did it get to be Thursday already? The Folk Music Festival starts this eve... yay! I have volunteered to work as security, but was very dismayed to find out that I am not allowed to accost anyone... haha. I was just perusing through the festival booklet, and noticed that one of the managers is someone I went to school with. I'm thinking it was high school, but may have been as far back as junior high. How strange that looking at her picture, I would not have recognized her; once I had a name to connect with, her face did seem familiar. Why could I not pick her out without the name? She's changed enough, I guess, but still has traits that match up once I called on my previous notions. Still, seems strange...

I think that this will have to be my afternoon entertainment, since I, again, have nothing to do.

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