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Oh my, what lovely weather you have, my dear...

Oh, the weather outside is sun-ny
and the snow is all a'run-ny
squishy slush is all I felt
let it melt
let it melt
let it melt

2�C out there today. Hey T'ranna, how you doin'?

During Chinook weather, no matter how much chewing gum you stuff into the cracks in the soles of your boots, eventually you will still get cold, wet feet.

I have determined that Cowtownians (and possibly people from other places, but I can't verify that at this time) seem to like standing in a shadow while they mosey along the street. And not just any shadow - my shadow. All attempts at misleading these aimlessly wandering buffoons failed - I simply couldn't get my shadow to go "that way" while I went "this way". More training will have to go into this endeavour, I'm afraid.

Cookies, cookies, cookies! Lots of cookies lyin' around... I'm going straight to the Hell of Fat Bastards for this one. Today is the February-birthdays' celebration day at work, and what better way to celebrate than to stuff one's face full of sugar-filled, fat-laden, baked dough discs.

Speaking of which, my own World-Emergence anniversary is coming up... it's on a Sunday this year. Saturday night will involve a fair bit of consuming, but it's not gonna involve Cookies by George. How's that different from any other Saturday, you ask? Well........ see, this time, I....... uh.........

I, uh, gotta get the phone...

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