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Okay, I shit you not:

C: "This thing isn't working on the gizmo..."

O.o Doesn't this kind of phrase only happen in movies and Dilbert?? The worst part is that she was serious - there wasn't even any humour-value in that for her! I couldn't help myself - I just stammered a couple of times, while looking at the phone in complete disbelief at what I'd just heard... was my headset playing tricks on me? Was I hearing things? Were the voices out of control again??

Me: "Ah... try removing the gizmo using that what's-it in that window there, then check the flamdorf a la guacamole. Don't forget the chips."

Gawd, do I ever need to win the lottery... not just for the heaps of cash, but also cuz then I could actually respond like that and not have to worry about it. My job would be a lot more fun if only I had the financial backing...


I stopped by the Warehouse last night to drop off some sandwiches 'n' veggies 'n' stuff, and also to give a friend a LiveJournal invite code. Since I'd recently decided that I wasn't going out for a while, I felt guilty even stepping into the place, like I had betrayed myself... I was only there for about five minutes, and it was that long only because my friend was dancing when I arrived - I had to wait to talk to her. She appeared rather pleased at getting the invite - perhaps because she seemed unaware that I knew she wanted one (follow that?). At any rate, as I was walking away, she quickly caught up to me and offered to buy me a drink as thanks... well, what was I to say? I mean, when do I ever turn down a drink?? ...last night, that's when. I went to leave again, and again she stopped me, saying that perhaps the drink could be "next time". I told her I wasn't going to be drinking for a while, but that perhaps "next time" would come up sometime down the road. I then left... I felt badly, even rude, but what could I do? I wish I hadn't been so abrupt, but I just wanted to get out of there. I hope she understands... perhaps I'll have gotten off lucky, and she won't have noticed? Not likely - she's pretty smart. Seems I'm just battin' 1000 this week...

More things pissing me off this eve, beyond the ones listed the other day (most of which still apply, 'cept the one about Subway):
  • There's perhaps a half dozen people walking around within the 26 floors this company has in this building - I just walked around the corner and almost plowed into one of 'em. What are the fuckin' odds of that?? That's like the guy who falls asleep at the wheel while driving in the desert, and then he crashes into the only palm tree for miles around...
  • The phone seems to ring only when I'm starting to do something... if I'm just sitting and waiting for it, it's silent. ...and it's not even when I've already started something - it's when I'm just about to start it. It's crossed my mind to simply spend the evening waiting patiently for the damned thing to ring, but I'm in no mood for such boredom. For anyone wondering, most of this entry has been written while clients are rambling on about things that have nothing to do with their actual problem.

Enough writing - I'm gonna go kick a puppy now.

Okay, I wouldn't really do that. How 'bout a bratty teen? Anybody got one of those just lying around? *kick* *kick*

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