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"How long does it take," you ask? "How much time does it possibly take to do a simple journal update?" Far more time than I've been willing and able to donate over the last week, my impatient friend. Now, if I could only remember what I last discussed...

A long week ago, in a section of town not so far away, there lived the FolkFest. Held on a magical island in the middle of the city, it was a gathering of musicians, volunteers, merchants, and many city folk, including some river rafters. There was much music, festivities, drinking, singing, dancing and fun!! Sunday night included an after-festival party, with some of the talent appearing to perform for the volunteers. More music, festivities, drinking, singing, dancing and fun!! Naturally, I took Monday off...

I do have a reason for not having much time for updates though. Don't think I've just been ignoring you... starting last Wednesday, I was finally given something to do at work! Is this real? Am I going to wake up and find this to be a very disappointing dream? I've been placed on a client's site, albeit temporarily. The work is rather redundant and boring, but it sure beats sittin' on my ass, looking for things to fill my day. Destructive tendencies may have kicked in had this placement not occurred when it did. This may mean, however, that updates may be few and far between until I'm back at the office, doing nothing again. Wake-up time is at 4:45, but at least I get to leave work at 2pm! Sweet deal - I'll cope with the early hours for that! This means, of course, that I'll have to start going to bed earlier than midnight... I find that I have no desire to write much, though, until about 10 or 11 o'clock. Is that odd?

I could certainly get used to leaving work so early though. It was nice to be able to run some errands without having to rush; I even made it to the art supply store to pick up some paint. I finally painted the Ikea shelves I picked up how long ago? Now I just have to figure out where to hang them. "It's not science," I was told. Yeah, sure, but I've also gotta figure out where I want the sconces! Always complications... haha!

Saturday was almost productive! What the hell was that about?? ...cleaned out all my recyclables and bottles. I don't bother taking my bottles in to the depot, though. I always put them out in the alley by the garbage bins. "What are ya doin', throwin' those out," I've been asked. I believe they sat there for all of 20 minutes before being picked up by some older guy with a dirty, rickety bike and dirty, tattered clothes. Giving the bottles to someone like that - such a simple thing, yet can mean so much. I told him that I had more upstairs that I'd bring out in about an hour; those simple words evoked such a smile.

I did take more of the remaining bottles to the alley, like I said I would. The rest, though, I took across to the recycling depot to a man I saw rooting through the "glass only" bin, looking for salvageable bottles. I also took a table-top barbeque that I had no use for. He gratefully accepted both immediately. I was told that I'm a wonderful person, and he'll repay me. It was my junk, my leftovers. Such a simple thing. I pray that I never end up in that situation.

I'm up far later than I should be, and I still have to put chili into containers. G'nite.

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