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Yet another 2W bulb... ("snippet" version to spare you the entire excruciating experience)

Me: "So you were able to log in a week and a half ago?"

C: "No."

Me: "Oh, okay... when was the last time you were able to successfully log in?"

C: "About a week and a half ago."

-.O *twitch*

This is the fourth call that went like this today... the other three I would classify as "language barriers" though, so those I can understand. This one? Obviously something rather wrong with the C-KB interface. This interface is sometimes also referred to as "PEBCAK".

And another phone call leaving me wondering... will I get any 'normal' calls today, or shall I expect to be inundated with obscure problems that leaves the other techs cringing...?? I can only hope that this is all a really bad April Fool's joke.


What Type of Villain are You?

mutedfaith.com /

Feeeeel my 'neaky wrath!! Did you feel it? No? Hee hee... that's cuz I'm so 'neaky!!

Stealthy Ninja clan beware - soon, all of your pylons will belong to me!! Mwahahahaaaaa!!!

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