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I'm not even sure what to write...

I stopped by me neighbour's place this eve, hoping beyong hope that she'd answer the door... she didn't. I went home alone - again... as usual. What's wrong with me? I get "looks", I get people "interested"... why doesn't it just seem to "click", like it used to?

My brother is home now... he brought me an Easter creme egg and a Caramilk egg too. What the fuck?? Easter creme eggs used to be the only ones... can we leave nothing as sacred?? Dammit, I'll eat it anyway, and 'they' know it. Bastards.

I feel disgusting... fat... like the mayor from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". my body just seems... large. I'm spilling over my shorts, and it doesn't please me at all. Yet, I still take in the chocolate. What a fucking ass I am.

I hope my teeth fall out... it would serve me right. Yay me - way to disregard myself.

I now hesitate to post this... suddenly my journal is filled with people I actually know in real life.

Ah, well... screw it! They signed up for this on their own accord; they can put up with what they find out.

Although, really, this was so much easier when I didn't have to face anybody later.

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