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Me: "Does it work when you go in as 'offline'?"

C: "No, it doesn't."

Me: "Okay, so it's not working online or offline..." (said mostly to myself)

C:" It seems to just be going in offline even when I'm going in online."

Me: "Alright... have you tried it going in as 'offline'?"

C: "No."


C: "I had some program removed from my computer. I want you to reinstall it."

Me: "Which program was it?"

C: "I don't know, but now my fax keeps answering the phone and I can't turn it off. I want you to reinstall the software I had on here."

Me: "...but you don't know what software it was?"

C: "No, but I need it back."


The writing on the bag made it perfectly clear: "Please put litter in its place."

I had a task to do... a duty!

"You worthless piece of garbage! Nobody wants you, nobody even likes you! You're nothing but trash!"

...I walked away contented with a job well done.


Achy head again today.

Only 40 minutes left 'til I can get outta here... yay! This one guy who's called in a few times just really seems to know how to grate on my nerves...

Col and I finished painting the body of the crash car the other day, and today removed what was left of the masking over the front windshield. I'm a little surprised - it actually looks pretty good! Better than I thought it would, at any rate. Granted, it's no pro-job, but will certainly do quite nicely for the role the car will play. There are still a few things that need to be done before all is complete, but I don't anticipate that it should take too long to get those done up too.

This weekend is yet another Warehouse anniversary, as well as my own for attending the place. This will make *cough* years that I'll have been going there on a regular basis. I picked up both bleach and blue-black hair dye the other day... I was trying to decide which one to go with first. I'm thinkin' the bleach - platinum blond all the way, baby!! Leave that in for a week or two... Hrm. Any thoughts?

I am so craving Vietnamese... spring rolls!! Ah well, they're already closed. 'Sides, K and I are going there for dinner tomorrow eve. I'm sure I can hold off that long.

23 minutes left... *sigh*

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