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Where did the weekend go? It was just here - I swear it! Overall, it was pretty good tho, albeit rather fast. Unfortunately, I lack the ambition to write about it at the moment; perhaps incentive will strike me later.


I'm not sure why, but for some reason, it continues to surprise me just how much people don't read things that are very plainly laid out for them... and also how willing they are to simply click an "Okay" button without reading what the message is that's associated with it. Specifically, I sent a message to someone in a pop-up dialog box ("net send" for the geeks out there) with instructions on what they needed to type in.

Me: "You should have a message come up with the instructions you need."

C: "Oh, you mean the box I just clicked 'Okay' on? I didn't read it..."

Me: "Well, shucks... lemme just type all that in for ya and send it again - once more with feeling!"

1. Turn off your computer by holding in the power button for up to eight seconds.
2. Disassemble and repackage your PC.
3. Ship your PC, along with a large bag of Cheese Doodles, to my home address.


Me: "Okay, now we should restart your computer."

C: "Close all programs and log in as a different user?"

Me: "Nope; there should be an option there to restart your computer."

C: "Umm...... close all programs and log in as a different user?"

Me: "Ah, no... what's the option right above that one?"

C: "Restart the computer."

Me: *sigh* "That's the one..."


Apparently not much new going on in the war... headlines today include: "'World's Biggest Cookie' being made in North Carolina". I do hope it's chocolate chip - that's the only way I can see this as being news-worthy.

Sad to hear tho: "Singer Nina Simone dead at 70".

I'm still fighting to get through Chapter 7 of LOTR... that damned Tom Bombadil, along with the phone-that-always-rings-just-when-you-pick-up-a-book, is making this seemingly simple task take forever!! I can certainly see why they didn't include this guy in the movie... all the singing and dancing is driving me nuts, and it's only my imagination that I can 'see' him in!

...still no word from Telus on the change to the new server, so I'm afraid I have no updates regarding the work-based nude web... er... webcam of me at work. Or at home, for that matter. Grr...

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