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Colin and I took the crash car in to the shop today to get some decals put on it... also had someone ask how much it would be to add his own logo to the car. Yay for a possible sponsor! I really should get some pix of the car to post, but I was hoping to have a new website layout done before adding any more images. And that, like the nude... er... work webcam, is awaiting the server switch-over.

...headache kickin' in again. They are definitely linked to the amount of sunlight I get. I'm guessing that it's just an adjustment period, since the frequency and severity of them have been slowly diminishing.

I was rather hoping to get to Toronto for a visit in about a month or so, but I noticed today that there has been a corporate travel advisory issued... is SARS really that bad? I've read what the media has to say about it, but who really trusts the media? On the other hand, I don't wanna earn my 15 minutes by being the guy who "died after bringing SARS back to his friends and family in Calgary." Well....... as long as I don't die. hahah...

After getting home from work last night, I relaxed a bit and watched 'One Hour Photo'. Now, it wasn't as "creepy" or "strange" as I'd been lead to believe, but it was quite good none-the-less. It brought up a few interesting points...

Think of how often people believe that they know someone by what little they see of them through some form of restricted media... granted that "online" may have the added depth of some personality, but how much of that is even accurate? Quite a few people will admit to having many facets - which one are you being shown?

I, for one, know that no one gets to see "all of me"; I show you what I instinctively feel is appropriate for you to see - what I think will work best with you. In that regard, online may actually give you a more accurate picture in some ways; you are not giving me an entire personality to "compare" against, and how would I be able to "filter" accordingly for everyone who may read this? Then again, perhaps things are kept so general that it does fit most people...

In regards to Sy (the photo guy) - how many of these people do we pass by every day? Does the clerk at Safeway or the local convenience store actually remember details about you from your small conversations at the til? How many people do you walk past each day whereby your presence alone either brightens or sours their day? Just think of what could be done, on either front, with a little bit of conscientious effort...

My Battle-Imp sucks ass...
Battle Imp

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Me: "What kind of messages are you getting?"

C: "It's asking me weird questions..."

I can only imagine...
  • what's the fastest you've ever eaten an entire icecream cone using an olive fork?

  • how many Canada Geese can you wear on your head in an hour?

  • do penguins have knees?


Speaking of geese, why do they put those signs up by the river? You know - the ones that say, "Please don't feed the ducks and geese; how healthy would you be if your diet consisted entirely of bread and popcorn?"

What daffy bastard came up with that one? I don't think I'd be very healthy if my diet consisted entirely of grass, either... 'sides, Wonderbread is chock full of vitamins!!

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