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It's been a while since my last update... mostly I've just wanted to write about work (what else is new), but even that has been less than "exciting". I haven't had a "good"/humourous call to write about in over a week. There were a couple that I guess could receive honourable mentions, but just didn't quite qualify as post-worthy.

...and it seems that each day starts out with the first call being a royal pain in the ass!! Minimum 30 minute calls that don't seem to have a decent resolution. For anyone unfamiliar with my job, a 30 minute call is horrendous! Not being able to solve it properly in that time is personally frustrating... this just seems to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Hence, the lack of writing - I would have you spared from that.

In other news...

I heard back from Telus regarding the new server, but now I cannot find the e-mail they sent with the new server DNS info! Crap!! Where did it go? Where did it gooooooooooo.....?? I surely didn't erase it - I need it still! I barely had it! ...had to e-mail them again asking for the details again. I wonder how long this will take... more delays for the work-webcam.

Purchased a BBQ on Saturday! It snowed that day, of course... but I have a covered balcony, so I had some people over anyway! BBQing rawks! I really missed it... my credit card didn't though. Ah well, that should be paid off in no time anyway.

Saturday night was pretty good too! It was an "old skool/new skool" night, so there were a lot of people dressed up, a lot of people who hadn't been out in a long time, and a good range of music going back to Warehouse '80s! I had a most wonderful time!

Took a Pyrotechnics course yesterday - not much to it... no test or anything! Now to just figure out how to get some experience in the field... anyone got an old car/bad friend/evil ex- that they'd like to donate?

And what is it about French people on the phone that they seem so excitable?? When things are good, they're excellent! And when things are bad, they're terrible!! ...and it's not just the language that's used, it's the attitude and excitement that seems to be generated!

Any carry-over vacation days from last year are fast approaching expiry, and so must be used... how convenient, then, that June is a triple-pay month! Where, oh where, shall I go? I've already started to get things arranged with my manager, so it shouldn't be long before I find out when I'd be able to get outta here for a week or so. If the little voices in my head are correct, I should have a total of just over four weeks holidays this year!

...and for anyone calling into the HelpDesk - please, for the love of me, quit breathing into the phone! If I wanted to hear that kinda stuff, I'd start payin' someone $3.99/minute! ...any takers? ;)

Welp, I gotta go back to my rough job of watching "Invader Zim" while pretending to help people on the phone...

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