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Another weekend - vanished!

Finally, I got these image captures from Titus, as well as a few others. The woman I'm getting to make this outfit for me figures it's pretty straightforward. Also, it's prob'ly gonna cost a lot less than I was expecting - a nice surprise, to be sure! I forgot to ask how long it would take to make, but I got the impression that it wouldn't be too long; hopefully I'll have it before my upcoming trip to NY/TO... less than a month now! I really have to get my driver's license soon...

So, this upcoming week is gonna be all training for the position I'll be covering for the following two weeks. Apparently, the guy who's going to be training me was taught over eight days, and still didn't cover everything. I'm expected to learn it all in only four...

I saw my ex this weekend... that was really quite nice, albeit a little uncomfortable. We haven't seen each other in months, and it's not like we don't get along; we've just gone our separate ways. The uncomfortable part was her significant other. He barely acknowledged my existence (we'd apparently met before, but I still don't recall); wouldn't talk to, or even look at me; would barely even respond to her while I was around; had to maintain physical contact with her (hand on leg, mostly) at all times while I was there (I noticed he didn't do this when I was elsewhere). Give me a break... we're not together for a reason! I excused myself when my drink was done to get another, and didn't go back. If the guy is that possessive and/or jealous and/or lacking confidence and displays it in public like that, what's he like behind closed doors? As much fun as it could have been to stress out someone like that, I have no desire to be a catalyst for grief, or possibly worse, in her life.

'Tis far too late, once again... g'nite.

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