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drunken... something-or-other

Have you ever looked deep into a cat's eyes...? what do you find there? They've either got you totally pegged, or they know nothing at all... there just doesn't seem to be a half-assed-intellectual cat! Well, not in my experience, anyway...

So... I watched my cat walk by (walked with a purpose, of course), almost just to see what she would do... she walked past me, jumped up on the bed, did a couple of circles (just to tease me, I think, cuz she kep looking my way) and then layed on the bed and looked at me as if to say... "whaddya gonna do about it, huh?" hahah... I love my cat; it's rare that you can get an animal companion that so closely resembles your own attitude. I just recieved the "fuck you sandwich" from my pet, and I'm lovin' it! She rawks...

Hrm... now I hesitate to even post this. It kinda comes across as Pousse-erotic... that's so not the intention.

Well, whatever... you're adult enough to figure it out on your own.

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