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Oh, good... I'm a paper pusher!

So this was day two of training for my temporary position. So far, I'm not sure why this would have taken someone eight days to learn... it seems fairly redundant. Just take decent notes, then follow 'em. Maybe there's more to it still? Maybe it's just me...

I really should put the cam on once in a while, but I just really like that Titus pic! I can always put that up again, I suppose.

A thunderous crash came from outside. Instinctively, I looked over to the balcony. There she was again, perched upon the railing. Her immense, dark cloak billowed in the ever-increasing winds, leaving no discernable shape save her face and flowing silver-gray hair. As with each time before, she seemed lost in thought as she stared eastward. A smile slowly crept onto my face as I walked towards her. Anticipation grew in my gut.

"Don't get me wrong. I always love it when you visit, but there's something I've never understood." I paused, unsure of how to continue. Finally, it came to me. "What draws you here?" I asked. "Why do you always come when the weather turns? Do you enjoy the rain, as I do? Or is it the thunder and lightening, the raw, seething power that you thrive on? You figure that if you sit up here like that, you'll be a part of the storm?"

She glanced sideways at me, neither smirk nor scowl on her face.

"No... it's far more simple than that." A spark flashed across her eyes. "I am the storm."

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