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When is a printer not a printer? When it's a dog! What th'...?? The first call I took today - "this printer's a real dog!"

"Well, " said I, "maybe you should consider using a different animal - perhaps one that's more adept at hanging on to those little crayons!"

Des and I went to see X2 last night... not bad! Mystique is so my fave... she's all 'neaky an' stuff! Plus, she's always nude! ...not that you can really tell, but I think that's part of her charm. Mmm... 'neaky nakedness!

This weekend was a fair bit o' fun - good BBQ, good friends, and good nights out - though I did get sprayed with water at Machine on Saturday... apparently the following should not be said to the bartender-who's-also-the-Friday-night-DJ: "Hey, did you hear that? Where the one song ended and the other one began? No? Hmm... neither did I! Hey, can you do that??" (genocidex, I still luv ya, despite the fact that you hosed me down... hahah! Yeah, yeah, I deserved it!)

Porn Star Quote of the Week
"I'm a big vodka girl and I get a little feisty and sassy when I'm on it. I woke up in my car parked in a street that I'd never seen before. It freaked me out because I didn't know where I was or how I'd even got there. So I gave up driving rather than give up drinking."
- Susan Ward, adult film star and frequent carpooler on her drink of choice.
Four more days... eeeeeee!!

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